LED Encapsulation

Yield and process time optimizing UV-curable LED encapsulation technology

LED Epi Manufacturing

Passivation and light extraction materials for high power light emitting diode devices

Wafer-level Packaging

3D-IC and wafer-level camera packaging materials

Semiconductor Manufacturing

The next node enabling lithographic spin-on polymer solutions

Display Technologies

Alignment and Light Management coatings


Osimo has developed a next-generation organo-silicon material platform. A novel manufacturing process enables the development of a wide range of tunable material properties with superior performance in several (opto)electronic applications »

Applications, Products and Services



Organo-silcon materials can be successfully implemented tackle a wide range of technical challenges that arise in (opto)electronic applications. Among others, Osimo develops solutions for applications in LED encapsulation, wafer-level packaging and display technologies.

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Application specific products, such as UV curable encapsulants, alignment coatings, passiviation layers and more are available. Products can also be tailored to meet your demands.

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Research and Development


OSIMO has a dedicated team of R&D specialists developing tailored solutions for our customers. Are standard standard off-the-shelf products not meeting your demands? Get in touch with us and we will customize a product for you.

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Latest News

UV curable LED encapsulants

Osimo introduces novel organo-silicon based UV curable LED encapsulant. More »

Conformal coating platform

Osimo has a developed conformal organo-silicon coating platform.
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New Offices

Osimo has completed its move to new office space and laboratory in the heart of Espoo's high tech campus Otaniemi in Finland.

Resource Center

We will soon be launching a resource center to keep you up to date with the latest developments and applications for organo-silicon electronic materials.